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It's Always the Perfect Time to Start Something

No matter what time of the day, week, month or is ALWAYS a good time to start something.

This concept was first introduced to me a couple of years ago at about this time of year - coming to the close of one year with the excitement of holidays, relaxation, fun, a de-stress and the beginning of a new year and with it all the promises of a fresh start. Perhaps even a new years resolution or two.

Oh how the new year will mark your ability to get straight back into things with a refreshed view and renewed energy for life, work, relationships, hobbies, etc....

BUT, as we draw closer to the holiday period and start deferring things with the proviso of starting them with renewed energy when we get back from the christmas break we lose momentum.

This is a missed opportunity!

Think about this....

If you start that project, call that person, send that CV, start that exercise regime, start meditating...

you will start the new year one step ahead of yourself.

Plus when everyone else is trying to figure out where to start, you will be already getting results. How good would that feel?

Whatever it is that you have been wanting to implement into your life.....START IT NOW! Don't wait for the 1st of January.

Imagine how good it will feel to start your new year off with the most important things you want to achieve for 2018 already in motion?

Maybe you start an important project at work so that when you get back from the break you are one step ahead of yourself and you know exactly where to pickup from. You will have built in momentum and energy while others try and get back into the flow things.

How you end your year will set the tone for the new year. If you finish motivated and grateful for having taken action then that will carry through to the start of the year, and so on.

The same goes for how you finish your days, weeks and months. How often do you get to midday Friday and think "stuff it I will do that next week"? what if you changed that habit and started saying "ok its Friday afternoon, what is one thing I can start now that will set me up for smooth run and good momentum for Monday morning?"

So in taking my own advice I have started up my new practice in Takapuna despite the pull to put it off till the new year.

If you struggle with procrastination (who doesn't), and would like some help to find out what triggers it plus make some changes that will support your dreams and aspirations for the future then give me a call.

Hester x

P.s thank you to my beautiful cousin Tanya for the wonderfully timed and very relevant gift for my new practice.

I love my new water pitcher and glass set xx

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