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Hester Scott - PSYCH-K® Facilitator. 

Hester found PSYCH-K® at a time in her own life when she was struggling to find harmony and balance in the areas of her life that were most important to her.  Since practicing PSYCH-K® she has a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while enjoying much greater physical health and energy.

She is excited to be using this simple, powerful and effective facilitation process to help others recover control of their own lives.  PSYCH-K® can be used in any area of your life where you want change – for example health and body, prosperity, spirituality, relationships, grief and loss, personal power, and self esteem.

Hester has completed PSYCH-K® Basic, Professional and Advanced workshops, PSYCH-K® Health & Wellbeing program and is a PSYCH-K® Preferred Affiliate

For further information about sessions please contact Hester on +64 21 765049

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